The Flying 510 - POR 1981 - Driver: Mike Friedman - Co-Driver: Marc Goldfarb
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NEW VERSION! The ALFA-Club has been completely redesigned and packed with new features.
Special kit price when you buy the ALFA-Club along with a 12v cable and Sending Unit: $239.
Special pricing for group purchases (teams, organizers, etc.) plus free sync cable with multiple units.

PURCHASE PROCEDURES: To purchase a product, please send us an email ( and we will send you back a PayPal invoice. Then, use the "Pay Invoice" button in the email to send payment and shipping information. This method is secure and it allows us the maximum flexibility for custom orders and shipping options.
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ALFA rally products:

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ALFA-Elite TSD Computer Info
ALFA-Pro Odometer/Clock Info For Pro Rally and TSD
ALFA-Club Memory Clock/odometer Info New for 2018!
Turbo-Kurta TSD calculator TSD Palm Top computer
Accessories for your ALFA rally computer

Sending Unit (aka Sensor or Probe) installation info
EZ-Pulse hub mounted sending unit installation info
Factory VSS how to tap into your car's existing speed sensor

Price List and sales policies
Download the ALFA factor calculator for windows

So, who is Small Systems Specialists?
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ALFA Rally products are built in the USA by the rallyists at:

Small Systems Specialists
201 N. Lobb Ave.
Pen Argyl, PA 18072
Phone 609-301-0541, Fax No Longer Available!
Email to:
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The ALFA-Elite - TSD Rally Computer

ALFA-Elite Driver's DisplayALFA-Elite Rally Computer
Temporarily out of production while we retool a new version. Watch this site for detailed info coming soon!
The ALFA-Elite sets the standard for rally computers, with more features
for less money. Our customers prove it regularly by winning rallies!

All ALFA-Elite computers feature the latest state-of-the-art OLED back lit
display which is easily read in all lighting conditions and viewing angles.

A non-volatile memory remembers your factors, mileage's, log entry,
and customized setup even when the ALFA is removed from the car for
extended periods.

The ALFA-Elite has dual odometer sensor inputs, with individual factors,
to insure safety. Also, the computer will operate either with or without
its drivers display attached.

The ALFA-Elite operates in Miles or Kilometers, and displays distance in
increments of .01 or .001. Time may be displayed and computed in your
choice of seconds, hundredths, or thousandths of a minute.

One of the cool new features of the latest Elite is the driver's display which may be
disconnected from the computer at any time while both continue to run.
The main unit will continue to rally, while the driver's display becomes
a checkpoint clock with memories. While separated, the driver's display
may be synchronized with the main time clock for the rally, and then
when reconnected to the main unit that will synchronize as well. This
is an industry first and gives you 2 tools for the price of one!

Newest features:
All connections via standard round DIN connectors
Organic LED displays for 100% readability any time
(Old style LCD display still available as an option)
Front panel light for easier night operation
Driver's display operates independantly as a checkpoint clock
Syncs to the ALFA-Club and ALFA-Checkpoint
"Open Road Racing" mode. (ie: Silver State Classic, etc.)
Special Driver features:
Low Profile Driver's display
Organic LED displays for 100% readability any time
"NULL METER" analog style readout
High precision digital timing error readout
CAS display
Factor corrected speedometer
Incremental, Course, and Countdown odometer
Drivers button to reset incremental mileage
Operates independently when disconnected from main unit
Independent operation similar to ALFA-Club
including clock sync, memory clock, and dual odometer 5.5" x 2.3" x 1.5"
Navigator features:
OLED display technology
User friendly, guess free entry
On the fly" timing and course corrections
Instant CAS error leg recalculation
Time and Distance in Hundredths, Thousandths, or Seconds
Dual odometer inputs with separate correction factors
Automatic factor calculation
SIX DIGIT odometer correction factor
Countdown alarm with audible beeper
Automatic event logging and last HOLD recall
Logs all CAS changes and timing corrections
Compact and light - 7.7" x 5.1" x 2.0", ~1 lb.
Aircraft aluminum enclosure
with baked enamel finish,
Hard mounting points,
and integral sunshade.
Read the owner's manual
Read the Driver's Display manual

Price includes Navigator's console, Driver's display,
Wiring harness and one Sending unit.


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The ALFA-Pro - Odometer/Clock/Timer

ALFA-Pro rally odometer
(Click photo to enlarge)

Temporarily out of production while we retool a new version. Watch this site for detailed info coming soon!

A long time favorite, the ALFA-Pro is designed to meet
the challenges of both PRO and TSD rallying. Rugged
and reliable, the ALFA-Pro will provide years of faithful
rally service.

ALFA-Pro features:
Super High Contrast OLED display technology
(Old style LCD display still available as an option)
Front panel light for night operation
Dual odometers read in Hundredths or Thousandths
Six digit correction factor for super precise mileage (or Kilometers)
Dual odometer input with separate correction factors
Automatic factor calculation
Speedometer readout
Clock works in Seconds or Hundredths
Elapsed timer
Target TIME and DISTANCE countdowns
Zero-on-Hold to clear incremental time and distance together
Performance timer measures 0-60 and 1/4 mile
Compact and light - 7.7" x 5.1" x 2.0"
Aircraft aluminum enclosure with baked enamel finish,
Hard mounting points and integral sunshade
Standard round cables and connectors
Optional drivers display:
Low Profile Driver's display
Super High Contrast OLED display technology
Shows the driver Time, Speed, and Distance
Shows countdowns
Not effected by HOLD or navigator inputs
Purchase with your Pro, or upgrade at any future time
May be "Hot Plugged", and operates as an independent Checkpoint Clock
5.5" x 2.3" x 1.5"
See the complete owners manual
Read the Driver's Display manual


ALFA-Pro with optional drivers display - only $599

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The ALFA-Club economy
Memory Clock/Odometer

ALFA-Club clock mode ALFA-Club - odometer mode
(Click photo to enlarge)


The ALFA-Checkpoint has been the leading rally clock on the market since 1983, and its newest incarnation as the ALFA-Club is the best yet. In addition to its function as a checkpoint clock with memories, the ALFA-Club incorporates a DUAL CORRECTABLE odometer as well! Perfect for Unequipped class TSD rallies, Stage rallies or just working controls.

Some of the great features include:

Clock in seconds or hundredths of a minute
12 or 24 Hour Time Format
New! 99 memories for operation at busy checkpoints
Memorized readings do not go away until cleared by the user!
New! Selectable 1/10 second readout or 1/1000 minute readout
Dual correctable Odometers - reads to 1/1000 mile (or kilometer)
New! Accurate Factor Corrected Speedometer
New! Sending Unit setup and test mode
Simplest possible, totally intuitive operation
Clock sync
Super high contrast display with adjustable backlight
Operates from a single 9 volt battery (or optional 12 volt cord)
Compact: 6.7" x 3.4" x 1.3"

More features, same old price
Only $189.00

Special Kit price including 12 Volt Cable and Sending Unit
Only $239.00

Options for the ALFA-Club include:

12 Volt power cord and sending unit adapter
(internal battery becomes a failsafe) ($25)
Basic Sending Unit (speed/distance sensor) ($44)
Clock synchronization cable ($25)

See the complete owners manual... (PDF)
Comparison to older model... (PDF)

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The Turbo-Kurta TSD calculator

Turbo-Kurta TSD calculator
The Turbo-Kurta is a software program which is especially
designed for the Texas Instruments TI-74 Palm-top computer. It
performs ALL of the calculations needed to navigate a rally team
competitively. It may be used by itself, with a stock odometer, or
as a backup and ancillary function calculator. The Turbo-Kurta is
is the ideal companion for your Alfa rally computer to create a fully
backed up navigational suite.

The Turbo-Kurta program is available as a package including the
TI-74 computer, or as a software cartridge for your existing TI-74. The TI-74
provides a compact package with LCD display, long battery life, and a size
compatible with the constrained work area of a busy rally navigator.

Turbo-Kurta features:
Easily Performs all TSD rally functions
Factor correction
Pauses & Gains
Missed CAS changes
Emergency speed computation
Displays Time Speed and Distance simultaneously
Use it to Pre-calc and During Competition
Use with stock odo or to complement your rally computer
Program stored in Permanent Memory Module
See the complete owners manual...

Only $249! Including the Texas Instruments TI-74 Palm-top Computer
$144 for program module only

Note: The Turbo-Kurta is not a product of Small Systems Specialists.
Warranty and Support provided by Marc Goldfarb. The TI-74 is out of
production and reconditioned units are supplied as available.

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Owners Manuals Online:

Elite/Pro Driver's Display manual
ALFA-Club (Post August 2018 - Latest Model)
ALFA-Club (prior to August 2018)


Basic sending unit
EZ-Pulse sending unit

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